Today I Am An Israeli

Thank you, Patleslie; your comment is appreciated, all the more appreciated for the sober and reflective manner with which you express your view.

As I said, I’ve never been an uncritical supporter of Zionism. I certainly do not feel bound to support Israel unequivocally, and most certainly do not support any actions the Israeli state my take on an a priori basis. In other words, I cannot approve today what they may do tomorrow.

I always urge caution in approaching any problem. That’s why I despise so much of left-liberal opinion, so lacking in caution, so lacking in balance, so lacking in proper understanding.

Some might very readily describe my support for Israel as muddle-headed and irrational. So be it. For me Israel, its faults notwithstanding, represents the values of enlightenment and tolerance, values that have never been cherished by its neighbours, values rejected by murderous and sectarian organisations like Hamas and Hezbollah. If we fail Israel, if we fail this oasis of democracy and human rights, we fail the Enlightenment itself; we fail so much that has shaped who and what we are.

Yes, some of the actions of the IDF may be thought of as disproportionate and heavy-handed, but one has to understand the context, to understand just how vulnerable the country is to forces that I personally consider wholly malign.

Sadly we, in the West, are sinking in a bog of relativity. I shall continue to hold my head up as long as I am able.