The Day That Changed Our World. 9 11 Where Were You.

I was just back from picking my kids up from School, my two sons who were at primary school, aged 8 and 10 and I walked in the door, Dawn had the Tv on, she was crying and as my draw dropped I seen the 2nd plane hit. Before I left I knew a plane had hit the other tower but it was unclear the who’s why’s and what’s

I know in an instant more lives had been lost and that this was terrorism, there was no doubt. The Pentagon was hit by something, nobody knows to this day and another plane was in the sky heading for DC

I remember I spoke with a woman on MSN Messenger and Yahoo chat away back in 2001, I never spoke to her again, she lost that day. She sent me an email a few years later, just to say sorry. I sent one back to say I am more sorry

The biggest attack in living memory

Where were you?

Do you have a story?

Even if you were not in the USA, where were you, how did it make you feel?

Even today the truth movement by family who lost that day still want answers do you think happened? Do you believe the official story? My issue is with the pentagon, why release only 5 frames of footage? If someone can convince me a plane hit the pentagon, they will do well

I pay homages again to all who lost on that terrible day

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