The Amazing Power Of Music!!

All of us enjoy music. We all have different kinds of genres that we enjoy and some that we don’t. Music is an amazing and powerful medium that can bring out all kinds of emotions from us. Music can be used in a variety of ways and can affect every person differently. It can make people nostalgic, sad, happy, excited, or romantic…just to name a few. Some examples of the effects of music is how it can “soothe the soul” or “pump up” athletes when they are getting ready for a game. Some players like to listen to loud, upbeat music to “psyche themselves up” before a game while other people prefer quite, soothing music to help them relax and focus on the upcoming contest.

It’s interesting how sometimes the small things in life can make such a huge impact on other people’s life and we don’t even realize it. For example, a quiet word of encouragement or a pat on the back on someone, may give the individual the confidence and determination to achieve a worthwhile goal that the person may not have been able to accomplish if they hadn’t been reassured.

We all are aware of how our words and actions can affect an individual’s well-being but how can music effect other things that we may use or experience every day? Take watching a movie as an example. Imagine you were watching a sad movie and the background music was a fast-moving pop or heavy metal song? Or suppose you were viewing a scary movie and ballet music was playing in the background? The music would not fit in to the movie and you wouldn’t enjoy the film…..but used correctly, music has a huge impact on the total movie-watching experience.

There is another way that music can affect people in a way that many of us aren’t even aware of…its healing power! Numerous clinics, hospitals and rehab centers have recently realized that music may have more of an effect on some people that they ever knew. Music can be Beyoncé ( transforming. The video that is included in this story is a fantastic illustration of the transforming power of music. Watch how the power of music totally transformed this old man’s state of wellness into something wonderful. It’s inspiring, beautiful, and heartwarming. The power of music…it truly is amazing!

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