Suicide Hero Or Victim 6,500 In 2018

At Email Send E Mail Internet CommunicatioThe casualties of war are not just happening in Iraq, they are happening right here at home. If you beloved this article and you also would like to acquire more info relating to Wiktionary kindly visit our own web site. The number of soldiers returning from battle and committing suicide is appalling, staggering numbers, 6,500 suicide deaths in 2006. Different sources have different numbers, nonetheless, it is happening, and this is news.

Post traumatic stress, major depression, and guilt from killing people we have more in common with than not. Our young men and women, I mean young, in their 20’s, some younger, are being told to kill people, it’s their job, it’ss their duty. While we label suicide bombers terrorists, and they see themselves as heroes because they died for a cause they believe in, our soldiers are killing themselves for what they do not believe in, mainly what they have done, mainly for what they have seen and endured. Murderers who are not murderers in their hearts. They died because they have nothing to come home to, unemployment, gas prices , rents, and food prices unaffordable to most. Rampant hate, fighting, discordance, and prejudice.

These young hearts have seen war, death, destruction, and deceit. They went there full of testosterone, full of enthusiasm in their servitude for an ideal that will never be in their hearts, greed, greed for money, power and control. Their counter parts, who believe they are doing a service to their people kill themselves in a heroic thunder, while our sons and daughters, die by a rope around their necks, because their lives hang by a thread.

When your job takes you to another country, orders you to kill people, and offers no support, or concern for your own self hate at what you have done, there is a serious gap between what is right and what is wrong.

How many more lives? Till we run out of volunteers, and start the drafting of more young non-killers and order them to kill or be killed? God gave His only begotten Son, for mankind’s s salvation, Bush gives Your only begotten sons and daughters for greed and power, his own.

Do you seriously think Mr Bush is gonna say “Thank you and goodnight” in 2008? He stole an election once, you think he won’t make it so he can continue his rule over our lives, controlling us with tactics of fear and deceit? If you enjoyed this post and you would certainly such as to receive additional facts relating to kindly visit our own internet site. You think he is gonna pack his bags and go fishin in 2008? I bet not.