Ordinary People Extraordinary Heroes

Standing on Hollywood Blvd, dressed up in a cocktail dress axiously awaiting what was in store across the street at the Kodak Theatre, one had to think, what am I doing here.

pumpkin faceAlong with a group of girls, some who came together, and a few like me who came by themselves, we were there for a main purpose. Of course other than trying to earn money for the holiday. Just kidding folks! Seat Fillers… a person who fills in the empty seats so that the audience at home does not see empty seats. Of course it didn’t hurt we were seeing Anderson Cooper, whom I think is handsome in a distinugished way, not a typical drop dead gorgeous way. I doubt that half the young women in the line knew who he was let along what CNN was. We were also seeing a few good performers which included Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and John Ledgend.

As the night emerged, so did the stories of 10 amazing ordinary citizens who gave up their personal time and what little wealth they had to helps other in need. Gone was my thinking of what celebrity might I see, but more about the intriguing stories of these people who give so much of their life, time and money. My thinking turned to a guy sitting next to me, who kept looking at his watch which I had to urge to ask him what would he actually be doing if he had the time.

Everyone says they don’t have enough time, but yet think of the time it takes one to text, check MySpace or some other friviolous activity. Some whip out credit cards or cash, in lieu of their time. But what this awards showed me was that if we take the time, even if it 5 minutes out of our day to help someone, you’ll never realize what big of impact that makes on someones life.