How To build Bigger And Stronger Biceps

They either over train them or use very poor technique, which is why we want to focus on both of those things by featuring top workouts that we think covers everything you need to know when it comes to building big biceps.

Let’s take a detailed breakdown look at how to build big biceps

Barbell Curl – The Grand Daddy of any Bicep routine. The Barbell Curl works to build the short peak of the bicep, it’s what gives you that softball action you’re looking for in developing those massive guns. The goal with the barbell curl, size, mass and strength so go heavy on your weight and blast it.

Hammer Curls – The big Sister to the Barbell Curl. If you’re serious about developing big biceps these should be in any routine. They tend to hit the longer (outside) head of the Bicep, and the Brachioradialis. Again going heavy is best as this exercise is another one that is built for size, mass and strength.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls – One of my personal favorites and probably yours as well. It works the entire bicep both the long and short head, but the key to getting the most out of this exercise lies in your form. Watch the body swing when you are doing this so it doesn’t become a Delts exercise and concentrate on that “palm” up contraction at the top.

Concentration Curls – This is a great bicep isolation exercise because it takes the Delt right out of the equation. If you want the peak builders of all peak builder, well then concentration curls are it! They work the entire muscle and to get the most out of this exercise really concentrate on getting a massive squeeze at the top.

Spider Curls – Love them or hate them, … (just click the following internet page they rock. This exercise really focuses on the full range of motion since you have no choice in the matter as your arms are dangling. Form is everything with this one, so really concentrate on curling up to your forehead and on the way down make sure you get that full stretch on the bottom.

There you have it. Simple but core routines on how to build big biceps.