How many Passwords Do You use.

There are, at my last estimate, between ten and 20 internet companies with the power to ruin my life. I suspect you have a similar tally. These companies — some of which I trust, some of which I don’t, many of which I barely even recall — are the companies that know my secure password.

de:Bild:Anne_O._Krueger_(2004).jpgMy internet passwords follow a simple method. It is a method that many technology companies are now strongly advising against, but I know of no one with a very different method. It is this: for websites I trust, and that hold important information, I have a secure — that is, hard to guess — password. For websites I don’t trust, I have a simpler one.

Increasingly, though, when signing up for those latter websites, they have a look at this less secure password, score it with a series of officious coloured bars, and inform me that I must use a more secure one.

Now that's what I call fireworksAnd so, like almost everyone I know, the circle of sites with my secure password increases. In the event you loved this informative article and you wish to receive more information with regards to assure visit our web site. In almost all cases, the most important information they hold about me is not the information I store on their site, but the password I use to access it. Because if any of those sites then want to break into, say, my e-mail and search for — to give an example — my really, really secure banking passwords (which are so secure that I can’t remember them and have to write them down), they now have all the means.

Which is perhaps why Google is, to its credit, trying to rectify this, with a series of adverts presenting different ways of improving security. One example is to take as a password the initial letters of a famous quotation, so “To be or not to be, that is the question”, becomes 2bon2btitq. Easy.

Except, the real problem is not strength of passwords but duplication. And the other problem is, we don’t need to be told this.

I, almost certainly much like you, already know my method is stupid. I don’t need security experts to inform me of its transparent failings. Clever internet security experts can devise all manner of schemes which, if followed correctly, are infallible. But the really clever ones know the real fault in all those schemes. It’s that those using them are humans.

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