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Irrespective of whether you need an auto insurance policy for few months or for an year, you need to get in touch with an insurance company while you’re there at Mexico. Make sure you don’t get stranded in some foreign country due to not having the right protection. Remember that it is always better to get a free quote from auto insurance comparison sites like Aseguro Mi Auto where you can compare and contrast quotes from several lenders and end up choosing the best policy at the most affordable rate.

It’s possible to customize your Mexico auto insurance policy

Once you get a quote, you can easily choose the policy which seems to be right and tailored to meet your needs. Car insurance quotes in Mexico are priced competitively and with extended and standard coverage options like liability coverage, physical damage, partial theft, vandalism, medical payments and also roadside assistance. All such insurance policies are insured by highly rated Mexican insurance companies and they are also issued by fully licensed American Insurance Broker, International Insurance Group who is revered to issue more than 100,000 auto insurance policies in Mexico every year.

Purchasing temporary car insurance policy

Before you set your eyes on a Mexican vacation, one of the main steps that you need to take is to get yourself the best car insurance to ensure safe driving in Mexico. You’re allowed to purchase auto insurance which allows you to drive legally in Mexico or in other cities. Your present car insurance provider can help you with selecting the company which is authorized to sell insurance in Mexico. Wiktionary Here is some advice on the things that you will need while getting international car insurance.

A photocopy of the present registration of any vehicle which you plan to insure

The made, year and model of the car

License plate number

Your VIN number

Your driving license number

Your coverage details

Leasing details

Whether or not you would be towing anything

The dates through which you will stay in Mexico and your reason to visit Mexico

Where you’ll be traveling in Mexico

Whether or not any traveler is below 21 years of age

What kind of insurance coverage would you need?

If you wish to buy the minimum coverage, you will require purchase liability coverage to avert breaking the insurance laws of Mexico. In case you cause an accident, the liability coverage will pay for the:

Injuries caused to other party and

Damages caused to the other party’s property

Temporary car insurance in Mexico will include coverage for legal and bond assistance, medical expenses and towing expenses. Hence, before you take a step to get an auto insurance coverage here, know all the details mentioned above.