Extreme Power Metal, With Crazy Licks That Split Picks

When you see a ghost but remember your trainingHailing from the UK, these metal gods, known as DragonHeart at the time, posted their now discontinued demo, Valley of the Damned, online and got a massive fan-base with numbers as high as half a million within a short time. Sanctuary/Noise Records got a grip on them and launched DF into international success. The sextet, now known as DrangonForce, toured Europe, South East Asia and the Far East, promoting there re-recorded debut album, Valley of the Damned, in 2003. After Sonic Firestorm, DF’s second album, their fan-base seemed to sky rocket, having some people say, “DragonForce could become the first British metal band in ages to reap respect from all over the world.”

Sherman Residence - 블로그Now, imagine being in the old west and your six shooters are replaced with heavy metal axes and you are about to have a standoff with Herman Li and Sam Totman. I would just hope that the town’s undertaker is well rested.

Inhuman Rampage, DF’s 3rd album, hit stores on January 9th, 2006, showing the world that metal is here to stay. This eight-song album, some of it recorded in hotel rooms while on the Sonic Firestorm tour, is full of insane three to four minute long solos, hard-hitting riffs, extreme double-bass, and precision like you’ve never heard before. With song titles like, Through The Fire And The Flames, Revolution Deathsquad, and Operation Ground And Pound, their positive lyrics about fighting evil and being free shows us a different side to metal. Making their first stop in Los Angeles, DF is now on a world-wide tour with Horse the Band and All That remains, starting in the U.S., a one show stop in Japan, and then the rest of Europe.

I had the pleasure of seeing DF for the first time in L.A. and let me tell you, it was the best live performance I have ever witnessed. They had two trampolines on both sides of the drum riser, which Li and Totman would jump off of numerous times during the show. If you treasured this article and you simply would like to collect more info about W3Schools kindly visit our own web site. In the front-center of the stage there was a metal riser with a fan blowing towards the band, that they would stand on to give the effect that they were flying. I was in awe the entire time.

DF’s style of playing will change the world of music forever. If you’re not into the metal genre, take some time to listen to DragonForce and it may just change the way you think.