Earth Hour Is It For The Rich Or Poor

For those people every hour is an ‘Earth Hour’ or perhaps we can more candidly say every year is an Earth Year for them.

For example most of the villages, towns and even in some middle class localities in capital cities in countries like India face severe power cuts in the summer seasons ranging from 10 to 12 hours per day. Mess In the states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Karnataka in south or Bihar, M.P and U.P North India and in several other states, where in the colonies in the State Capitals or in the colonies where rich people live, power would not go even for five minutes in a day. So it is for them the Earth Hour concept would apply as their contribution for Climatical heat is more severe and so at least on this Earth Hour day those rich people who would have power supply uninterruptdly through out the year must follow this Earth Hour. Urging for participation of poor and middle class people in Urban or Rural areas in the Earth Hour by switching off their lights for one hour on this Earth Hour day i.e 31/March/2012 is rediculous. Even this one specific hour of power for them is very valuable for them to do their household works or for students to do their home works. So, it is those rich people living in the rich colonies who are enjoying uninterrupted power supply must participate in the Earth Hour not just for one hour in a year calling it as Earth Hour, but at least one hour in every month.

Perhaps the well developed countries in the West or United States may be having uninterrupted power supply for their population without any discrimination or uneven distributions of power supply to all sections of people. So, their participation at least for this one day for one hour is warranted. But for the other part of the underdeveloped world it is unwarranted eventhough it is voluntary. So Earth Hour every year is for the rich people !!!!! When you loved this post and you wish to receive more info with regards to Michigan kindly visit our site.!! By dchaitaya.