Do You work For The public.

Some people in positions that work closely with the low income citizens of not only the Pittsburg area but across the bay don’t realize the affect of horrible service.

For example are you a police officers that assumes every black or hispanic male is gang member? Are you a calworks caseworker and think that you are more educated or above your clients? Are you an admissions clerk a cc and think that people that have not been to college are beneath you and a waste of time? Are you a nurse that thinks because you are overworked you don’t have time to be nice?

Life on Instagram BookWell let me tell all of you something, just because a person is low income and a minority does not equal ignorance, violent, uneducated, or undeserving. These people deserve respect and decent treatment.

So called educated people try to explain to the public why low income people tend to stay low income. There are many reasons for this but bad service is in the top 3.

Low income minorities are not respected by the people paid to provide services to them. So for example a young single mother going into a college for the first time to get information. Her first impression is negative. She is not acknowledged by the receptionist, she is not given enough information, she feels like she is not wanted.

This single mother is trying to change her life, one negative experience is quite enough to make her shy away from higher education.

If you have a public service job you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and think about how you treat people. You should think about how many lives you have ruined. Hopefully none, but how would you be able to know that? At least today you can stop what you have been doing and get a fresh start tomorrow.