Contentment Is A Rare Gem

It’s been cloudy for the last few days with a steady on-and-off drizzle that have kept things watered down, and the garden is already looking wonderful. Rose bushes are starting to put forth their first leaves—green and supple, reminding me that soon my little world will be perfumed by lovely roses. What else can one ask for?

I am content; like the trees rooted in this garden I so love; and I have been busy painting all my garden statues and fountains. The sound of tickling water has started to serenade my mornings again and the Western Tanager has returned home. Soon I will be discovering cups of twigs and grasses at the end of tree branches and, hopefully, some eggs of glossy blue marked with brown spots too.

I’m excited—delighting in the thought of warm sunny mornings and enchanting late evenings in the garden. Are you this crazy in love with your surroundings? I’m easy to please and don’t require much more than a few rose bushes and a good dose of sunshine to be content. I have worked long and hard preparing this little plot of land for a wonderful show off, and it will! It will!

It seems to me that each year the garden grows and looks differently. I mean, there’s always something new growing there, a new surprise waiting to be discovered, a new perfume wafting in the air; it’s a living, changing thing and a classroom of eternal lessons to be learned for sure.

It’s almost also impossible to write about my love for my garden without sounding really sappy or boring. But that’s how it is… this is the place where I can always keep my eyes on the stars while my feet are still on the ground and thus, I love this little urban garden that it really is not much larger than any of the rooms in my house; with no view other than the large two-story houses on every corner of it. The secret to happiness?